Trella Team

Our team at Trella has a unique chemistry that makes it fun to come to work every day. Each member of our core team offers strengths derived from a background in the design and/or construction industry. 

We have a fun combination of 2 mother-and-son teams, and a construction consultant who helps us with special projects.

We also partner with Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army to coordinate and safely deliver useable materials so other families can be blessed from the projects we are working on. In essence, when Trella is remodeling a home, another home behind the scenes is also being restored..

It is a joint effort by our clients, Trella and these non-profit organizations that builds houses and community.

A Little Deeper - Building Houses

Charles Moore
Charles Moore 1964-2022

While the Trella Design & Remodel team has a core skill set of design and construction knowledge, we were formed on the foundation of relationship-building. We recognize that success comes from the quality of relationships developed within our team, with our clients, our subcontractors and suppliers. We produce a superior product when we come together for a common purpose—to remodel and restore spaces for our clients.


The importance of this principle was underscored when we lost one of our core team members to Covid early in 2022. His loss fueled our purpose, passion and plan of “building houses” together, for the good of our clients and our community. When we go into a client’s home to transform a space, we understand that we leave behind a footprint that is formed by the contribution of not only the quality of our service and workmanship, but also by the level of care and compassion we have for our clients and their families who live in the space. We develop a relationship along the way. This is “building houses,” and this is “community”.

Here's how easy it is to do business with us!


We start with the Initial Consultation to discuss scope, timing, and budget.  These discussions will eliminate frustrations later by setting goals from the beginning.


Curated designs are pulled and customized to reflect your goals without overwhelming you with options.


The design comes to life! Our dedicated team implements the design and stays connected with you from start to finish.